Press Releases

May 10, 2023 Press Release
Oversight Committee Democrats Release New Memo Exposing Republicans’ Misrepresentations of Unverified SARs
May 9, 2023 Press Release
House Oversight Committee Ranking Member Raskin Teams Up with Senators Stabenow and Smith to Introduce New Bill to Increase Transparency and Lower Drug Costs
May 8, 2023 Press Release
Report Shows Financial, Training, and Assessment Barriers to Expanding Access to Midwifery Care Across the Country
May 3, 2023 Press Release
Raskin Urges Committee Republicans to Release Full Transcript of Interview with Kathy Chung, Former Assistant to then-Vice President Joe Biden
May 2, 2023 Press Release
GAO Review Includes the Departments of Defense, Education, and Military Services with Oversight of JROTC Program