Investigation of IRS

Investigation of the IRS

In February 2012, former Chairman Darrell Issa and Subcommittee Chairman Jim Jordan asked the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) to conduct a review into concerns that the IRS was applying inappropriate scrutiny to certain applications for tax-exempt status.  In May 2013, TIGTA issued its report and concluded that the IRS had used inappropriate criteria in determining tax-exempt status. 

Although the Inspector General later testified that he had found no evidence of political bias in the IRS’s handling of any tax-exempt applications, TIGTA’s report failed to explicitly include this finding.  Moreover, TIGTA’s review was critically flawed because it failed to include in its investigation progressive groups that were also subjected to similarly inappropriate screening criteria by the IRS. 




Five Things You Should Know:

1. Neither the Inspector General nor the Committee found any evidence to support the central Republican accusation in this investigation that the White House directed the use of inappropriate criteria in screening tax-exempt applications.

2. A self-proclaimed conservative Republican IRS manager in Cincinnati told Committee staff that he personally initiated and oversaw the tax-exempt screening criteria process

3. Progressive groups were subjected to similar scrutiny by IRS employees in Cincinnati, and the Inspector General is currently conducting an investigation into this conduct.

4. The Inspector General found that former IRS official Lois Lerner’s hard drive crash occurred two weeks before she was informed about the use of inappropriate criteria by IRS employees in Cincinnati.  He also found that “immediately” upon learning about the use of inappropriate screening criteria, Ms. Lerner directed that the criteria be changed..

5. The IRS has spent more than $20 million in responding to Congressional inquiries, and it has produced more than 1 million pages of documents to the Committee.  The Committee has conducted more than 50 transcribed interviews of IRS, Treasury Department and Department of Justice employees and to date, has uncovered no evidence of political bias by IRS employees, of intentional destruction of Ms. Lerner’s emails, or involvement by the White House.



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