Press Releases

Mar 9, 2023 Press Release
Instead of Evaluating Sustainable and Equitable Solutions to Energy, Committee Republicans Stood By Big Oil’s Misinformation Playbook
Mar 8, 2023 Press Release
Select Subcommittee Republicans Politicize the Pandemic and Stand by Witness Who Promoted White Supremacist Ideology
Mar 7, 2023 Press Release
Raskin Presses Committee Republicans to Release Full Transcript of Interview with National Archives General Counsel
Mar 6, 2023 Press Release
Committee Democrats Call on Norfolk Southern CEO to Make Derailment Victims Whole
Mar 6, 2023 Press Release
Following Committee Hearing, Democrats Invite Republicans to Join Them and ‘Speak with One Voice’ to Condemn the Use of White Nationalist Conspiracy Theory
Mar 1, 2023 Press Release
Following Norfolk Southern’s History of Mechanical Failures and Preventable Accidents, Committee Democrats Raise Concerns Over Scope of Republicans’ ‘Investigation’ of Train Derailment