Ranking Member Raskin’s Statement on Committee Republicans Contempt Vote

Jan 5, 2024
Press Release

Washington, D.C. (January 5, 2023)—Today, Rep. Jamie Raskin, Ranking Member of the Committee on Oversight and Accountability, released the following statement after Chairman James Comer announced the Committee will vote to hold Hunter Biden in contempt of Congress next week:


“There is no precedent for the U.S. House of Representatives holding a private citizen in contempt of Congress who has offered to testify in public, under oath, and on a day of the Committee’s choosing.  Chairman Comer repeatedly urged Hunter Biden to appear at a Committee hearing, and Hunter Biden agreed.

“Instead of taking yes for an answer, Chairman Comer has now obstructed his own hapless investigation by denying Hunter Biden the opportunity to answer all the Committee’s questions in front of the American people and the world.

“Chairman Comer does not want Hunter Biden to testify in public, just as he has refused to publicly release over a dozen interview transcripts, because he wants to keep up the carefully curated distortions, blatant lies, and laughable conspiracy theories that have marked this investigation.  However, the facts and the evidence all show no wrongdoing and no impeachable offense by President Biden.”


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