Ranking Member Raskin’s Statement on Transcribed Interview with Kevin Morris

Jan 18, 2024
Press Release

Washington, D.C. (January 18, 2024)—Today, Rep. Jamie Raskin, Ranking Member of the Committee on Oversight and Accountability, issued the following statement after the Committee concluded a voluntary transcribed interview with Kevin Morris:


“Just like every other witness in this colossal embarrassment of an ‘investigation,’ Kevin Morris affirmed today that he has no evidence of wrongdoing by President Biden and that Joe Biden was not involved in, did not profit from, and took no official actions in relation to Morris and Hunter Biden’s relationship.  It is hard to articulate how far removed this interview is from an impeachment inquiry for presidential high crimes and misdemeanors.


“Mr. Morris was born into a working-class family in Media, Pennsylvania, went to Cornell and NYU Law School and became a sensationally successful entertainment attorney for 36 years whose client list includes many high-profile celebrities.  He befriended Hunter Biden, and they found an immediate affinity and closeness, not only in their Irish Catholic upbringing in the Mid-Atlantic but in their common struggle with alcohol abuse.  As an art enthusiast, Mr. Morris bought some of Hunter Biden’s paintings and lent him money to cover certain expenses including rent and IRS payments, and to support his continuing journey in sobriety.  The loans are documented in loan agreements negotiated by lawyers and the standard terms require repayment of all principal and interest. 


“None of this is illegal or unethical—far from it—nor does it have anything to do with President Biden or presidential high crimes and misdemeanors.  Mr. Morris stated to the Committee unequivocally that neither President Biden nor his Administration had any role in his decision to loan money to or buy paintings from his friend and client, Hunter Biden.


“Not even remotely close to identifying a trace of an impeachable offense after more than a year of increasingly desperate ‘investigation,’ the GOP inquiry is sinking deeper into irrelevance and comedy.  But the growing tragedy is all the work we are not getting done for America because of their ludicrous obsession.


“The evidence consistently debunks the GOP’s lies about President Biden at the heart of this aimless, storm-tossed fishing expedition.  Instead of facts or evidence, House Republicans are just pursuing the political revenge demanded by former President Donald Trump.  Harassing President Biden’s adult son—who already has a Special Counsel working full-time on his case—is not a legitimate constitutional duty.  Nor is chasing after anyone the President’s son has ever come into contact with, including his gallerist and art dealer last week and his lawyer and good friend today.  This bumbling inquiry should be brought to a halt.”


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