Ranking Member Raskin Condemns Committee Republicans Contempt Vote

Jan 10, 2024
Press Release

Washington, D.C. (January 10, 2024)—Today, Rep. Jamie Raskin, Ranking Member of the Committee on Oversight and Accountability, released the following statement after the Republican led Committee voted to hold Hunter Biden in contempt of Congress:


“In the first few days of the New Year, Congressional Republicans have made blatantly clear that their commanding legislative priority is to deliver on President Trump’s demands for political retribution.


“Hunter Biden was responsive to Chairman Comer’s requests and agreed to his repeated public offer to come before the full Committee to answer questions under oath.  However, Chairman Comer reneged on his offer, denying Hunter Biden an opportunity to provide the Committee with evidence, and in effect obstructing his own investigation.  Today, he took unprecedented action to hold in contempt a private citizen who stands ready to provide the Committee with all the information it seeks.


“If Chairman Comer were truly interested in seeking evidence for his investigation, instead of holding this markup today, we would be hearing from Hunter Biden.  But this painful impeachment inquiry has nothing to do with facts or evidence, as made clear by Chairman Comer’s repeated misrepresentations about witness testimony and refusal to release interview transcripts.  The fact remains that there is no evidence showing any wrongdoing, let alone an impeachable offense, by President Biden.  No amount of huffing and puffing can change that.”


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