Oversight Ranking Member Raskin Calls on Chairman Comer to Publicly Release Transcript of Interview with Former FBI Supervisory Special Agent

Jul 28, 2023
Press Release
Transcript Contains Key Evidence That Undermines GOP Allegations of Political Interference in Hunter Biden Investigation; Part of Republicans’ Troubling Pattern of Concealing Information Contradicting Allegations of Wrongdoing by President Biden in Effort to Advance False Narrative About Failed Republican Probe

Washington, D.C. (July 28, 2023)—Rep. Jamie Raskin, Ranking Member of the Committee on Oversight and Accountability, sent a letter to Chairman James Comer again calling for the Chairman to provide the American public with the transcript of the Committee’s July 17 transcribed interview of a former Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Supervisory Special Agent.  Until he retired in June 2022, this former FBI Supervisory Special Agent was assigned to the FBI’s Wilmington office and the Hunter Biden investigation led by David Weiss, the Trump-appointed U.S. Attorney selected by Attorney General Barr.


This failure to release a transcript is the latest in your troubling pattern of concealing key evidence in order to advance a false and distorted narrative about your investigation of Joe Bidenthat has not only failed to develop any evidence of wrongdoing by President Biden but has, in fact, uncovered substantial evidence to the contrary. … Yet, in refusing to release the transcript of the former FBI Supervisory Special Agent’s interview, you have advanced a false, distorted, and grossly incomplete narrative based on cherry-picked facts and deprived the American people of the opportunity to come to their own conclusion in light of all the evidence,” wrote Ranking Member Raskin.


Committee Republicans are deliberately hiding the transcript from the public because in his interview, informed by a decade of experience with the Delaware U.S. Attorney’s Office, this former FBI Supervisory Special Agent discredited House Republicans’ claim of political interference in the prosecution of President Biden’s son by a Trump-appointed United States Attorney selected by then-Attorney General William Barr.  The former FBI Supervisory Agent also provided important context that undermines House Republicans’ distortion of the testimony of the two Internal Revenue Service witnesses who testified at the full Committee hearing on Wednesday, July 19, 2023.


Notably, the former FBI Supervisory Special Agent debunked the idea that political influence played any part in the investigation and testified that over his decade of experience with the Delaware U.S. Attorney’s Office, he never knew the Assistant U.S. Attorneys in the office or U.S. Attorney Weiss to allow any political considerations to influence their prosecutorial decisions in any case. 


Furthermore, the former FBI Supervisory Special Agent undermined the notion that the disagreement between agents and prosecutors assigned to the Hunter Biden investigation was evidence of political interference.  Rather, he acknowledged, it is routine for agents and Department of Justice (DOJ) prosecutors to disagree about investigative steps and charging decisions, and in his 20-year career, he witnessed this happen frequently.  


The former FBI Supervisory Special Agent also explained that, in determining whether to seek a warrant, it is not only proper, but indeed DOJ policy, for prosecutors to consider additional factors beyond whether probable cause exists, where the warrant involves the property of a political candidate or an attorney or may raise election year sensitivities.  


Additionally, the former FBI Supervisory Special Agent clarified that it was necessary for FBI headquarters to alert the U.S. Secret Service of its intent to interview Hunter Biden for the safety of agents on the investigative team seeking to approach a Secret Service protectee.  He also stated that he did not suspect any political purpose or improper motivation behind FBI headquarters’ supposed decision in December 2020—once again, during the Trump Administration—to notify a “transition team” and U.S. Secret Service headquarters prior to interviewing Hunter Biden.


Finally, the former FBI Supervisory Special Agent acknowledged that leaks about an ongoing criminal investigation are harmful to the investigation’s integrity, and he acknowledged that under certain circumstances it would be justifiable to remove an entire investigative team where there was reason to suspect someone on the investigative team was leaking information to the press and the specific source of the leak could not be identified.


“Each of these statements by the former FBI Supervisory Special Agent provides necessary context to understanding the testimony of the two IRS agents before the Committee on July 19, 2023.  They directly undermine the notion that Hunter Biden was given preferential treatment and instead establish that Mr. Weiss and his team of prosecutors carefully considered the voluminous evidence gathered during the five-year investigation and proceeded in accordance with longstanding DOJ policy in making decisions regarding investigative steps,” continued Ranking Member Raskin.


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