Oversight Democrats Release New Video Documenting Republican Refusal to Accept Unanimous FBI Decision on Clinton Emails

Jul 12, 2016
Press Release

Oversight Democrats Release New Video  Documenting Republican Refusal to Accept  Unanimous FBI Decision on Clinton Emails


Washington, D.C. (July 12, 2016)—Today, Democrats on the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform released a new video documenting the refusal by Republicans to accept the FBI’s unanimous decision not to prosecute former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. 



At a hearing last week before the Committee, FBI Director James Comey provided significant new information that debunked Republican conspiracy theories, yet Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz and House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte sent a referral to the FBI requesting another investigation into whether Secretary Clinton told the truth when she testified before Congress.  They ignored a letter from Ranking Member Elijah Cummings explaining why this criminal referral was  “unwarranted” given the new facts Director Comey provided at the hearing.

Multiple press reports and op-eds criticized Republicans for refusing to accept the FBI’s unanimous decision and continuing their attacks on FBI Director Comey:

Next to the word ‘overreach’ in the dictionary should be a group picture of the House Republican caucus.  Once again, in their Ahab-like pursuit of Hillary Clinton, they have managed to make themselves look desperately partisan and woefully incompetent.  What were they thinking when they hauled FBI Director James B. Comey to Capitol Hill to challenge his decision about Clinton and her emails?  Did they expect Comey, a very tough nut, to crack under their withering interrogation?  Did they believe they could somehow make him change his mind?  Did they not anticipate that he would stand by his decision and back it up with facts, precedent and logic?”

Washington Post:  Op-Ed:  House Republicans Cravenly Turn on James Comey


“In other words, Republicans overreached once again (as Greg Sargent pointed out Wednesday).  Why did they do this, since that general strategy has backfired on them in the past?  I’ll offer three theories.  First, there’s a lack of competence.”

Bloomberg View:  House Loses the Chance to Air Clinton’s Misdeeds


“As we’ve already seen with Benghazi, Republicans don’t ever stop, no matter how many investigations fail to turn up that single devastating piece of evidence of Clinton perfidy and lawbreaking they are looking for. The same may prove true in the case of the emails.”

Washington Post:  Op-Ed:  Republicans May Be Blowing It on Clinton’s Emails.  They Have Only Themselves to Blame


 “When congressional Republicans take stock this evening and reflect on their failed gambit, one wonders whether they’ll appreciate the fact that this Comey hearing was a bad plan, executed poorly.  The last time Democrats were this pleased with GOP hearing, it was Clinton’s 11-hour Benghazi Committee testimony—in which Republicans made fools of themselves and their conspiracy theories, and Clinton turned her entire presidential campaign around.  It helps sometimes to be blessed with incompetent enemies.”

MSNBC:  GOP Accidentally Does Clinton a Favor with James Comey Hearing


“On Thursday, Comey dumbed things down—ironically, to a room full of lawyers (and, to be fair, viewers at home watching the feed from Capitol Hill)—to explain why his decision to prosecute Clinton all comes down to one word: intent.”

Washington Post:  We Watched James Comey’s Congressional Testimony About the Clinton Emails So You Wouldn’t Have To


“The FBI and Department of Justice decision not to indict Hillary Clinton over her email scandal has presented the Republican Party leadership with a tremendous political and public relations opportunity.  So far, they're blowing it.”

CNBC:  GOP Should Let Voters Prosecute Hillary Clinton Over Email Scandal


“Over and over again, from Bill Clinton’s darkest hours as president to Hillary Clinton’s worst moments as secretary of state, House Republicans ended up helping the Clintons by turning them into victims of overzealous partisan investigations.”

Washington Post:  Will House Republicans Overplay Their Hand on Hillary Clinton?


 “Why in the name of god they couldn't have just accepted the gift that Comey gave them on Tuesday is the best proof yet that modern conservatism has driven the GOP barking mad with no hope of recall.  There will be more hearings:  Next week, Lynch is due for her chance to help another House committee look foolish.”

Esquire:  Republicans Had Another Banner Day of Stupid


They [Republicans] could also use the occasion to fix a system that classifies too much but still doesn’t protect the most important secrets. Clinton is hardly the only one to mishandle government secrets. In the same hearing room four years ago, Chaffetz publicly exposed the existence of a CIA facility in Benghazi. The Obama administration has repeatedly complained that members of the committee have divulged the names of U.S. government informants, airport-security details and information from a sealed wiretap warrant. Instead, several Republicans attempted to impugn the character of a model public servant.”

Washington Post:  Op-Ed:  Republican Attacks on Comey Undermine the Rule of Law


“The Utah lawmaker argued that while the yearlong FBI probe may be over, he’s ready to lead a new investigation into that investigation. … But it was just last month―before the FBI reached conclusions that Republicans don’t like―that Chaffetz was raving about Comey being the most competent, reliable person to lead the Clinton probe.”

Huffington Post:  GOP Congressman Who’s Leading Probe Of FBI Director Was Raving About Him Last Month


“But there was no reason for Republicans to hold it other than inchoate rage at not getting the indictment they so desperately believed they were due.  It accomplished nothing for their side.”

Mother Jones:  Today’s Comey Hearing Was Bad for Republicans, Good for Democrats

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