Chairwoman Maloney to Hold Roundtable Examining Election Misinformation and Subversion

Aug 5, 2022
Press Release

Chairwoman Carolyn B. Maloney's Opening Statement [PDF]

Washington D.C. (Aug. 5, 2022)—On Thursday, August 11, 2022, at 2:15 p.m. ET, Rep. Carolyn B. Maloney will hold a virtual roundtable with state officials and election experts to examine the effects of the unprecedented rise in election lies following the 2020 presidential election.  The roundtable will examine the effect election lies have on state and local election administrators, how these administrators have worked to maintain election integrity and legitimacy, and what federal support is needed to defend against election misinformation.


The Oversight Committee has been investigating the harm of election misinformation since early 2021.  On October 7, 2021, the Committee held a hearing examining the April 2021 Arizona election “audit” led by the private company Cyber Ninjas, highlighting how its disinformation campaign undermined faith in American elections.


On March 17, 2022, the Committee began investigating EchoMail, Inc.’s participation in an election “audit” and canvas of voters in Otero County, New Mexico, inspired by unproven conspiracy theories about fraud during the 2020 election.  The sham audit led county officials to refuse to certify the 2022 primary election results, a subversion effort that was blocked by the New Mexico Supreme Court.


On April 21, 2022, the Committee, along with the House Administration Committee, sent letters to election officials in Arizona, Texas, Florida, and Ohio, requesting information about the effects of misinformation on their ability to administer elections and how federal agencies can best assist local officials in combatting lies in election processes and results.


The roundtable will examine findings from this review, including how lies about the 2020 election have undermined public confidence in our elections, how these lies continue to spread and lay the groundwork for subversion of legitimate election results, and what steps the federal government can take to safeguard integrity and trust in our elections. 




Virtual Roundtable on “On the Frontlines:  Responding to the Threat of Election Misinformation”



Thursday, August 11, 2022, at 2:15 p.m. ET





Jim Condos
Secretary of State
State of Vermont


Lisa Marra

Director of Elections, Cochise County, Arizona

President, Election Officials of Arizona


Tina Barton

Senior Election Expert, The Elections Group

Former Senior Program Advisor, Election Assistance Commission

Former City Clerk of Rochester Hills, Michigan


Nora Benavidez

Senior Counsel and Director of Digital Justice and Civil Rights

Free Press



A livestream will be available on YouTube and the Committee on Oversight and Reform website.




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