Chairwoman Maloney Issues Statement on Postmaster General Suspending Sweeping Changes to Postal Service

Aug 18, 2020
Press Release


Washington, D.C. (Aug. 18, 2020)—Today, Rep. Carolyn B. Maloney, the Chairwoman of the Committee on Oversight and Reform, issued the following statement after the Postmaster General announced he will suspend sweeping changes to the Postal Service until after the election:


It should not have taken the Postmaster General this long to recognize that his actions were causing major delays—in rural and urban communities, and among veterans, seniors, and families across the country.  His announcement today is certainly necessary, but it is inadequate to remedy the damage already done and ensure ballots will be delivered on time this November.  Every single Member of the House should vote in favor of our legislation this coming Saturday.  Our bill will do two things:  it will restore previous delivery standards and operations throughout the coronavirus crisis, and it will give the Postal Service the funding it needs to ensure that mail, medicines, and mail-in ballots are delivered in a timely way.”

The Committee plans to proceed with its hearing on Monday to question the Postmaster General about today’s suspension announcement, issues not explicitly mentioned in his statement today, as well as management changes and other matters.


In addition, the Committee expects the Postmaster General to produce documents and information by this Friday’s deadline in response to a detailed, ten-page letter sent last week by Chairwoman Maloney, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer, and Chairs and Ranking Members of the Committees with jurisdiction over the Postal Service and federal elections.




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