Chairwoman Maloney Introduces Legislation to Develop Strategic Plan for Federal Electric Vehicle Battery Management

Sep 22, 2022
Press Release
Bill Would Ensure Government Agencies Properly Recycle and Reuse Batteries, Reducing Reliance on Foreign Suppliers

Washington D.C. (Sep. 22, 2022)—Today, Rep. Carolyn B. Maloney, Chairwoman of the Committee on Oversight and Reform, introduced the Strategic EV Management Act to streamline the process of recycling and reusing vehicle batteries from the federal fleet of electric vehicles and move the United States closer to energy independence. 


“For years, the United States has relied on foreign countries like China to procure minerals needed to build vehicle batteries and maintain a federal electric vehicle fleet,” said Chairwoman Maloney.  “This bipartisan legislation will bring our country closer to energy independence, fortifying our supply chains and benefitting American manufacturers and consumers.  As the federal government continues to modernize our vehicle fleet, this legislation will ensure that we do so in a way that will be cost-effective and energy efficient.”


The legislation follows a Committee hearing in April that examined the benefits and challenges of electrifying the Post Service fleet.  By requiring government agencies to recycle vehicle batteries, the bill would enable the United States to collect a supply of minerals from the recycling process, such as cobalt, that are needed to produce more batteries.


The Strategic EV Management Act is vital to help the federal government manage the increasing number of electric vehicles in the federal fleet.  Electric vehicles have significant environmental benefits and are cost-effective in the long run due to lower maintenance and fuel costs.  The vehicle battery recycling process can recover up to 95% of the critical minerals and metals needed to make more batteries, offering a promising alternative to the United States’ current reliance on foreign countries for such materials.


The bill would require government agencies to work in tandem with the General Services Administration and the Office of Management and Budget to develop a comprehensive plan for managing electric vehicle batteries.  The bill would also implement best practices to maximize the battery longevity of the federal electric fleet, saving taxpayer dollars and enhancing the United States’ competitiveness in the global market.


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