Amid Escalating Crisis in Israel, Subcommittee Ranking Member Garcia Calls on Committee Republicans to Hold Hearing on Stalled Military Nominations

Oct 19, 2023
Press Release
National Security Concerns Loom Over Stalled Military Nominations in the Senate

Washington, D.C. (October 19, 2023)—Rep. Robert Garcia, Ranking Member of the Subcommittee on National Security, the Border, and Foreign Affairs, sent a letter to Subcommittee Chairman Glenn Grothman, urging him to convene a hearing to examine the damaging effects of Senator Tuberville’s decision to stall all military nominations in the Senate, which has prompted national security concerns from military leaders, bipartisan members of Congress, and other experts.


“One Senator’s actions could prevent 76% of the United States’ military leadership from

serving this nation in positions they have earned because their experience and expertise make this nation safer.  Senator Tuberville’s reckless actions have already harmed our national security.  Allowing him to continue this campaign will have catastrophic national security effects,” wrote Ranking Member Garcia.  “Given our extensive bipartisan cooperation this Congress working to fortify our national security, I respectfully urge you to schedule a hearing as soon as possible to examine the urgent national security threats resulting from Senator Tuberville’s decision to stall military nominations.”


Since February 2023, Senator Tuberville has intentionally blocked more than 300 general and flag officers within the Department of Defense (DOD) from Senate confirmation and promotion.  By the end of this year, DOD predicts 650 of their 852 general and flag officers will require Senate confirmation for promotion or reassignment.

According to public reporting, Senator Tuberville plans to continue blocking military nominations even amid the crisis in Israel, not allowing the promotion of top officers slated to command U.S. forces in the Middle East and two picks for the Joint Chiefs of Staff. 


In his letter, Ranking Member Garcia cites the growing national security concerns of military leaders, noting fears that Senator Tuberville’s actions make our nation less safe, hinder the Pentagon’s normal operations, endanger servicemembers, and affect how our adversaries view our support of our military.


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