Ranking Member Raskin’s Statement on Transcribed Interview with Tony Bobulinski

Feb 14, 2024
Press Release

Washington, D.C. (February 14, 2024)—Rep. Jamie Raskin, Ranking Member of the Committee on Oversight and Accountability, issued the following statement after the Committee concluded a transcribed interview with Tony Bobulinski:


Just as expected, Republicans’ ‘star witness’ and Donald Trump’s political pawn repeated the same debunked and vacuous allegations against President Biden, recycled from Trump’s 2020 campaign.  Over the course of his more than eight-hour long interview, Mr. Bobulinski did not provide any evidence of wrongdoing by President Biden, nor did he provide any evidence at all that President Biden was involved in his family’s business dealings.  Mr. Bobulinski testified that neither Hunter nor James Biden ever indicated that Joe Biden would receive money from their business dealings, and Mr. Bobulinski confirmed that Joe Biden was not part of their business structure.


“Mr. Bobulinski conceded that he only ever had two brief, non-substantive conversations with Joe Biden—both at a time when Joe Biden was a private citizen—and Mr. Bobulinski could not point to any discussion he had with Joe Biden about his son’s business dealings.


“When asked about who invited him to the October 2020 presidential debate or organized his press conference hours earlier, Mr. Bobulinski repeatedly claimed not to know. Eventually, he admitted that Jason Miller, who was then a senior advisor to the Trump campaign, introduced him at his 2020 press conference and that he was likely a guest of President Trump’s at the debate.


“Unable to support his claims against President Biden with any evidence, Mr. Bobulinski accused multiple FBI agents of lying in their Form FD-302 report, accused the Wall Street Journal of lying in their reporting which dismissed Mr. Bobulinski’s claims, accused Cassidy Hutchinson of lying, and accused his former business partners as well as nine of Republicans’ own witnesses of lying because they have affirmed that Joe Biden was not involved in his son’s business ventures. 


“Republicans devoted yesterday’s interview, just like every interview before it, to replaying the same years-old farcical conspiracy theories in service of Donald Trump’s demands for political retribution and chaos.”


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